Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for 2 to 6 weeks. There are many benefits to waxing versus other forms of hair removal. It is an effective method to remove large amounts of hair at one time. It is a long-lasting method.

When hair is shaved or removed by depilatory cream, the hair is removed from the surface rather than the root. Within a few days, the hair can be seen at the surface. Areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time often exhibit regrowth that is softer.

Waxing at Asmita’s Beauty Salon is hygienic, gentle and thorough. Your therapist wears gloves to avoid any infection and offers the highest quality waxes designed for delicate skin type. We use hot wax for sensitive areas like bikini and underarms even though it is costly to us, but is less painful to our client. The results speak for themselves.


Visit by appointment only. Please book at least one week in advance to get your desired appointment time. To ensure that you and all our clients receive the best possible service, please ensure that you arrive on time for your appointment. Please call Asmita on 0421792609 to book an appointment.
*Female clients only


Body Hair Waxing

  • Nostril $8
  • Underarm $15
  • Lower Back $10
  • Half Back or Stomach $15
  • Full Back $25
  • Chest & Stomach $30
  • Half Arms $15
  • Full Arms or Half Legs $25
  • Upper Half Legs $30
  • 3/4th Legs $35
  • Full Legs $40-45
  • Buttocks $20
  • Bikini-Standard $20
  • Bikini-Extended(XX) $30
  • Bikini-Brazilian(XXX) $40-45
*For Bikini waxing, pubic hair should be 0.5 to 1 cm long, otherwise $5 extra would be charged for trimming.
Photo of waxing

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